The original lime liqueur is distinguished by its bright green colour, its penetrating aroma, drinking versatility (neat, but also mixed) and drinking ease given its “sweet” connotation.


Limeolé also has all the qualities related to its purity, to Nature. It’s made by seeking the best organic limes in the world, those without fungicides, waxes or pesticides.

All raw materials have been carefully selected to obtain a true nectar of the gods.


The entire production process is carefully controlled to obtain the highest quality.

Limeolé is an alcoholic beverage with an intense, fresh flavor, perfect to finish a meal and not only… its characteristics make it great for the preparation of various cocktails.


Alcohol Content (%): 29

Recommended serving temperature (degrees C): -18

 Capacity (cl): 70

TAHITI LIME (Citrus latifolia)

The lime is a fruit native to Asia and was introduced to Brazil in the second decade of the sixteenth century.

It’s a vigorous citrus tree with bright green foliage. It has very fragrant and juicy fruits, with thin skins which are used when still green.

There are many beneficial properties, freshness, vitamins (vitamin C), a high content of mineral salts (magnesium and potassium).

There are numerous therapeutic uses of lime (aids digestion, fights cholesterol, boosts energy and nourishes the skin).

Specifically, the limes we use are certified organic products (plant and fruit). Our production process is also organic with no intervention that might alter its genuineness. The best of each product is carefully selected, while respecting the environment and people.

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations, with love, passion and dedication to what we do, helping to build a better, more just and sustainable world.